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UK wide delivery

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Are you a North Londoner?

You’re in luck. Get access to our takeaway service, where you can order deliciously healthy meals to your door. Perfect for relaxed evenings at home, and adventurous first-time taste explorations.

Our palm oil-free plant-based Bangin’ Burger stack is our most loved menu item. Click below to try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

Get our meaty tasty toppings on your menu

Tantalise your customers tastebuds with our vegan-friendly meaty-licious pizza ingredients and more.

Stand out and choose our bespoke service, working with our product development team creating a “secret recipe” to design an exclusive product all for your own, using custom blends and functionality, crafting products individually tailored for your menu/ product range needs.


There is so much more to jackfruit than meets the eye.


Our jackfruit is high in fibre

Our unripe jackfruit has colour purity meaty flesh

Abundant global supply


Our jackfruit loves to ‘hug-in’ good flavour

World class provenance

Using local ingredients for flavour


Using technology we identify prime season to harvest

We use technology to understand jackfruit nutrients and more

Using technology in a natural way to develop products


Jackfruit weighs as much as 2 watermelons

Grows on a tree

Climate change resilient

We utilise the whole jackfruit

Intercrop challenger

Increasing reforestation

Increasing biodiversity


Our jackfruit is harvested by hand

Our jackfruit is picked and grown by local farmers

Using local ingredients for flavour

Our food system needs a shake up

To change from business-as-usual to one that works with the natural world, while feeding 10 billion people by 2050.

Through sustainability and innovation we are creating jackfruit meat that is nutritionally comparable to conventional meat, if not better, and long term we are building a genuine ‘carbon negative’ climate-positive supply chain. We also develop technology, allowing us to naturally make better meats for our customers to enjoy.

Our meats retain their wholefood qualities with our unique way of working with jackfruit. We choose quality ingredients too, and source jackfruit varieties for their colour purity. Like no-one else, our flavour ingredients are sourced locally with real provenance, from companies that also have world class sustainability stories behind them.

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