Our mission is to provide delicious food that supports our planet

Jackfruit is a mighty sustainable food source. Growing all around the world in warm climates, some fruits weigh in at over 100lbs! (Waaayyy bigger than a large watermelon!). 

Today we are laying the foundations for a real carbon negative + climate positive future using the UN Sustainability Goals, for people and planet. Not only a significant way to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions, but also looking after our quality products, reducing waste and plastic, localising supply chains and our ensuring people power.

Carbon action

2021 Measuring our land, water and carbon usage. Commence nature-based gold-standard offsets with One Tree Planted, backed by the World Resources Institute, to support reforestry and biodiversity projects localised to jackfruit farms.

2022-24 Offset retrospectively: Carbon Neutral from 'Day 1' (Back to when Jack & Bry started!)

2025 Localising jackfruit farming to our meat makers - 'Real Carbon Negative'. Planting trees on empty land, for food security.

Waste and plastic reduction

Our retail packaging is 85% less plastic

Working with a packaging company who are creating packaging made from sustainably-sourced materials

Our North London Jack & Bry delivery kitchen is 100% plastic & PLA free

Utilising the biomass waste stream of jackfruit, working with a leading London University to create new ingredients

Sourcing Local, Quality Ingredients

We use sustainably-sourced UK flavour ingredients such as seaweed and smoked oils

All our ingredients are vegan, and we actively ensure our farm supply chain is animal-free.


Our supplier sources our mince direct from farming Co- operatives

Using green mince reduces the use of fertiliser and eliminates the need for pesticides (both resulting in less cost to the farmer)

We buy from BRC accredited and Sedex registered suppliers

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