A mummy called Bryony Tinn-Disbury looking to bring some flavour and texture into plants. Bry delved into plant-based living when her son was diagnosed dairy intolerant and realised dairy was in more products than she thought. After seeing bland plant-based options on restaurant menus and in supermarkets she took it into her own hands to not compromise on flavour and create tantalisingly tasty and tender plant-based meats.

After testing her creations on her street food and popup stalls she knew Jackfruit would be her forever friend. This fibrous fruit is a flavour hugger and lends it's textured centre to give a meat-like bite. After testing on her plant-based meats on her meat eating family and with some help from her Michelin Starred Chef brother-in-law she knew she was onto something when all her tasting plates where licked clean.

Curb your meaty craving with Jack & Bry's plant-based meats.