For us making plant-based meats is all about the taste, flavour and texture. That's why we don’t make food from rehydrated powder but use a wholefood as our base ingredient, the jackfruit. We offer an alternative to meat that tastes great, is nutritious and gives you a better option to the soy or pea-based products on the market.

A large fruit that grows naturally on the trunk of Jackfruit trees in hot climates, it is full of nutrients, fibre, vitamins and its meaty texture is a flavour hugger. Perfect for making Plant-based meats.
Our ambition is to develop food technology and products to utilise the whole jackfruit to create great tasting plant-based meats for you.

Jackfruit grows sustainably and by making meat grown on trees we create oxygen too, and that is a win for everyone. Thanks to Mother Nature, a little bit of science, a good helping of fun and a dedicated team of people, the future of food can be yours to eat, every day.